Representative Projects

Pipeline patrol and Leak Survey, Gathering and Transmission Lines, Texas

Project involves patrolling, leak survey, and a habitable structures survey of 140+ miles of pipeline done bi-annually. Patrolling consists of noting missing markers and encroachment on the pipeline right-of-ways (ROW). Leak Surveys are completed utilizing Flame Ionization Detectors and ATVs. The habitable structures survey is completed by noting homes and businesses within 220 yards perpendicularly of the pipeline ROW to determine pipeline class location. The classes can be determined using field data and following CFR Part 192

Lead Remediation Project Assistance, Longview, Texas

Project involves assisting S.E. Technologies (based in PA) in soil and wetland remediation of a former thread protector plant site. Soil and wetlands were remediated by dig-out and backfill. Now in the phase of restoring the wetland by planting trees and grass plugs indigenous to the area as well as creating preferential flow paths for surface water similar to those which were disturbed. Surface water sampling occurs at 9 different locations in close proximity to the site bi-annually (8 background samples and 1 pond that surface water from the site drains into).

Oil and Gas Environmental Assessments, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico

Projects involved assessment of existing and proposed oil production facilities and locations in preparation of acquisition or divestiture. Assessment scope typically consists of historic research of property usage, on-site assessment, file review of pertinent regulatory entities, wetland determinations, threatened and endangered species determination, cultural resource review.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments; Texas, Arizona, Mississippi

Phase I ESAs are performed on a fast track time schedule. WRC mobilizes upon notification and completes Phase I’s utilizing the current ASTM E 1527-13 requirements.

Air Emissions Authorizations, Oil & Gas Production Facilities, Texas

Projects involved assessment of air emission sources located at oil and gas production facilities and review of applicable local, state and federal air pollutant regulations. Facilities were located in multiple counties in Texas. Air emission sources were authorized under the applicable permitting options in the Texas New Source Review Program, as well as, assessed for the compliance requirements under New Source Performance Standards (NSPS 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart JJJJ, Subpart OOOO) and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP 40 CFR Part 63, Subpart ZZZZ, Subpart HH)

Title V Air Permit Review and Compliance Checklist Revision

The project involved review of sixteen Title V permitted oil and gas facilities, spanning a multi-state area, for changes of permit conditions compared to previous authorizations. Compliance checklists created for internal company use were then revised to reflect all current air compliance requirements mandated by the facilities Title V air permits, as well as, all other applicable federal regulation to each sites emission sources.

UST Removal, Longview, Texas

During construction activities on downtown roadways and other capital improvement, an unregistered Underground Storage Tank (UST) was located and needed the tank removed quickly to meet a tight construction deadline. Subsequent sampling during the removal indicated impact which was removed during an over-excavation phase. White Rock Consulting was able to plan, acquire the appropriate city and state regulatory permits, and complete the job on time and within budget.

Deep and shallow Groundwater and soil impact from surface casing leak, Carthage, Texas

Project involved addressing several zones of impact in the carrizo wilcox aquifer as well as surface impact associated with well bore fluids which surfaced near the well pad after failure of surface casing. A monthly monitoring plan was developed along with recovery and disposal system installation for the groundwater impacts. The surface soil was treated and remediated onsite.

Pipeline Safety: Permitting and Compliance; Texas

Permitted and Transferred over 800 miles of jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional pipeline segments for multiple counties within Texas. Pipelines were located, class surveys performed, permitted and transferred according to Texas railroad commission and PHMSA rules and regulations.


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